Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome Back

I have to admit to being a bit giddy this morning - we're brewing tonight.  After a 4-5 year hiatus, the homebrew equipment has been pulled back out.  Dusty bottles being run thru the dishwasher with a tablespoon of bleach (all the work it took way-back-when to pull the labels off these & scrub them clean...), carboys lifted from the back of the pantry, supplies being inventoried, and of course, a trip to the local brew shop.  This was an obsession of mine for a while, several years ago now, when we lived in Athens - enough so that the guy at the local brew shop knew me by name.

a second load of bottles waiting a turn thru the dishwasher 

Though my first love is black chocolaty stout, Joe has certainly made his case for the highly hopped IPA.  We decided on this IPA recipe that the Homebrew Den (in Tallahassee) puts together. 

liquid malt extract, crushed malt, and sealed packs of hops

a vial of liquid yeast

Welcome Back.  Yes, indeed.

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