Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Dear Sweet Grandma

Very peacefully, with both her daughters by her side, my beautiful sweet Grandma passed away last night.  I feel very much in shock still & just letting all the memories of her flood my thoughts.  I'm wrapped in the purple quilt she made me.

Grandma is Helen Lorene Appenzeller Huckins = Lorene Huckins.  We had all been with her last weekend celebrating her 90th! birthday.  She always said that her Daddy had wanted to live until he was 90 - though he had died just a few months short.

Grandma grew up an only child on a large farm in Iowa.  She was born in 1922 in the kitchen of the farmhouse.  I want to remember all her stories now, all those old photos.  Thinking about how her parents were both one of five children & all the extended family around her while growing up.  The picture of them all picnicking together.

The picture of her and Grandpa when they first married.  Thinking of Grandma having their first child when Grandpa was a POW in Germany.

Thinking of my childhood memories of visiting her house & how it felt to be there.

Thinking of her with my children.  Visiting our home here in Cairo for Indigo's first birthday.  

Thinking of her room and all the little notes she made.  Thinking of how she would say 'goofy kid.'  

All the jigsaw puzzles she loved to piece together.

The good food she made.  How neat her home felt.  Her beautiful needlework.  The beanbags she made long ago of feedsacks.  

The excitement in her voice each time she answered the phone.  

All the cards and little notes she sent.  The little things in my life that were important to her.

The newspaper clippings she sent to me.  One on the safety of homebirth & how that made me feel so good to have her support.  And just a few weeks ago a clipping of a young couple working together on a very successful organic farm.

I will miss you so very much.  You are so very dearly loved.

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