Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sweet Memory

 My sister Beth had just returned to China (after her summer here in Georgia) when the news of Grandma's death reached us.  We want to help her have the experience of Grandma's visitation & funeral through photos & video.

So as we prepare to travel north tomorrow to Kennesaw, I found the digital recorder & needed to empty some space on it.  I stumbled upon on this video made just days after Indigo's birth.  In all the sadness and heartbreak of the last 2 days, this forgotten recording let me smile and take a deep breath.


Kaunain Zainab said...

Beautiful...Sibling Love...!!

K Bee said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I had to watch several times...Levi is so sweet!!
I am thinking of you all in your grief over the loss of your grandmama. Death cannot kill what never dies.....I know her love lives on......