Monday, May 6, 2013

A Cool & Wet May

The history is written, the seeds packaged to mail.  And today I sent them - 100 seeds to Seed Savers.  'Wildwood Pumpkins' or Joe liked 'Neely Natives'.
It felt a little scary dropping that package in today - a little like letting a child go on to the next step.  They will be grown-out and shared with the public.
At least we can be sure of their survival now.

My right-hand man unloading the first of many.  I get hay all along at a nearby hay farm - it's 0.7 miles from driveway to driveway.
I inquired, and have now got access to a mountain of spoiled hay.  I've arranged to get 10 truckloads in the week ahead.  What I'm doing is packing it inches deep all around our plants.  It's 'pre-weeding'.  So, that I may come back to a weed-free garden after my summer adventures.

Don't you love a man who bakes you bread?

I was totally inspired by SouleMama this week, and constructed a large bean tepee.  It's big enough for the whole family to sit inside.  I made a door opening, so when it is covered with beans it will create a little house.  Indigo has played in and around it all day - here with Daddy.  We planted 'Good Mother Stallard' beans around it - I will not pick them at all & will harvest the dried beans later this summer.

Looking straight up in the tepee.

Planting summer squash in the other garden.

A stroll before dinner.
You wouldn't know she has two 2-inch scars on the top of her head.
Her hair hides them well.

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Nicole said...

miss you guys, i hope we can make a trip down for a visit between camp and school in August.