Thursday, May 23, 2013

Before We Go

Levi finished kindergarten today.  And on Saturday the kids & I are leaving for 2 weeks away to Wildwood, and then a 3rd week away to the beach.  There's so much going on here that the challenge is bringing things to a holding point where they can be left.  I've been hauling hay, mulching, weeding, and also slowly wandering around taking it all in.

Roses & Zinnias - Lovey's birthday centerpiece.

The artichokes are starting to come it!  They were planted in January.

Artichoke plants & Indi about the same height.

This 25 cent pack of 'cactus zinnias' I found have turned out to be my favorite.
They're big (some giant, below) & all are a different color.

Purple cone flower

Waiting, waiting...

charentais cantaloupe flowering

So far, so good with the bees.
The hive body is nearly full, so it was time for another box.

super added

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