Wednesday, February 12, 2014

on his 7th birthday

Levi turned seven yesterday on Feb 11th.
I always like to remember that he has the same birthday as his great-great-grandfather Appenzeller.  I remember Grandma liked that too - that it was on her Daddy's birthday.

I took cupcakes to school, and got to listen to the children read their journal entries for the day to Levi.  They all began:  Today is February 11th, 2014.  Today is Levi's 7th birthday.  And then they each wrote a little something about Levi.  I learned that he helps some of them with their reading & that everybody thinks Levi is a funny guy (class clown?).

He opens a special card waiting for him in the truck:

His Mama drags him outside for a birthday photo op:

Gotta get some good shots before those two front teeth reappear.

German chocolate cupcakes.  Love you Levi.

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Beth said...

Love this blog post! He is such a sweetheart!