Monday, February 24, 2014

over the weekend

Chatting with Pops.
You can't see it well but she's gnawing on a stick of butter she lifted.


I've got a hen that's breaking & eating eggs in the nestbox before we gather them.  I'd read advice online & had tried a few things - one of them was putting golfballs in the nests so that when she tries to break them, she can't & gets negative feedback.  Also, we'd tried gathering eggs multiple times a day to decrease the availability.  Neither of these worked very well.

I'd thought about butchering the hen, but they've become pets & the particular offending hen is one of my two blue-egg-layers.  So, what I've come up with, which is totally working:  I've draped a blanket over the nestboxes.  The hens come & go, but while they are in the box its dark.  I suppose dark enough that the eggs can't be seen well and the egg-eating has stopped.

This is the problem child.

Nearing the end.  This is the back.
I've got to put a 2 inch border of gray on the bottom & then its done.


Getting ready to go to the farm at Reno for the afternoon.

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