Saturday, March 1, 2008

LONG Ramblings, or Passage of Time by Chicken

Have you noticed the complete lack of picture postings lately? I don't know what it is but I just haven't picked up the camera in - well, I guess close to two weeks now (Mary Moses, is your camera in hand everyday?). Days speed by without a snap. My ramblings on here are more like an e-mail to Angie - thought of consciousness fragments.

There's a friggin' chicken in my refrigerator - it's been years since I bought chicken - literally, the last time I remember buying chicken was about four years ago - I bought three whole hens for a special feast. Okay, this may be another weird tangent - but prior to that, the last time I remember buying/preparing chicken was a camping trip Nick & I took to North Georgia - do you remember that Nick? It must have been '98. I put all this raw meat - beef & chicken - into my backpack & we ate like kings out in the middle of nowhere. Raw (warm) meat over a fire we built? I guess I didn't even think about raw meat just hanging out in my backpack like that - it didn't kill us, huh?

So why the hen in the cold box now? Thought I'd give Grandma's famous chicken mushroom saute a whirl. Though now that I'm thinking this out I'm not exactly sure - we went the "Green Wise" route - you know, no hormones, antibiotics, chickens have 'access to outside'... yada, yada. But does that really mean "happy chicken life"?... maybe, probably not.

I do believe eating conventionally-raised big business meat is unethical. The environmental side effects of such large scale 'meat factories' are substantial. Know anything about the big business meat industry these days? - acres and acres of animals in cramped conditions. Do some real research - you'd never want to touch the stuff again. Enough of that, depresses me... off my soapbox. I let my consumer dollars do the talking - the meat industry would not exist if they depended on me... I'd just to have to kill my own chicken once every couple years.

And WHY am I up at THREE AM writing about THIS? Who the hell knows.

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