Monday, March 24, 2008

Shagbark Hickories & Cherrybark Oaks

It's closing in on two weeks since our last blog post & some of you may be beginning to wonder. Since it's inception 14 months ago, this has been our longest lag. Joe's been promising to catch up the last few days & just got too busy with school. He and Levi fell asleep together tonight, so I thought I'd enjoy the quiet late night - look thru our pics & catch the blog up.

Joe & Levi made a long road trip together & spent the weekend before last (15-16Mar) in Jennings, Florida (at the Burnam's). This is the second time Joe's taken Levi for a weekend trip by himself - I get a break home alone & the Burnam's get to spoil Levi. Joe makes out okay too - wonderful family time & this trip, got his first turkey of the season.

A nice bird on his grandfather's place - rock hill on the farm - opening day of the Florida turkey season. Back at home, I spent Saturday sewing inside - it was the day with all those tornadoes - though we barely got any rain at all - just crazy wind. Sunday I spruced up the garden & built my very first hoop house. I'm starting sunflowers, zinnias, & lettuce. My peas are up & look beautiful.

I've been hauling in loads of rotted/composted horse manure. Levi endured the entire day Monday - going back and forth in the truck with me - moving this black gold around - actually I love days like these - it was sunny & I feel great at the end of the day - dirty, & wonderfully tired from manual labor & results seen. We met up with Joe for some play at the end of the day...

Turkey camp - this past Saturday (22Mar) was the opening day of Georgia's turkey season. We always go down to Redland WMA - about 15 minutes south of our home & camp at Fishing Creek - Joe has come here for opening day the last 11 years - I think I've been here the last 8. The camp spot is right on the water. Turkey camp is a gathering of friends/families/hunters - we first were invited here by friends, the Tabeceks.

It's a little sad this year because this will probably be the last time - we'll probably have moved by this time next year - the hunting's not so good anymore & the times have changed. When we're here I always go out alone on the water - this to me is a place filled with memories - a reflection of the people I've shared this camp with - time as it passes on friendships, relationships, and marriages - new children arrive at the camp - families move - tales told around the campfire - Saturday naps - waiting for each hunter to return - shotguns & camo - how many birds in camp - catfish juggin' - night time drinking - afternoons soaking up sunlight on open water - and watching the wood ducks fly low in the evening - late geese honking - owls after dark - Shagbark Hickories & Cherrybark Oaks growing in rich soil.

This year was Levi's second year at turkey camp & his first time out on the water...

Paddlin' around in the old kayak -he was perfectly still - calm - we stayed close in to start with - then I took him a ways out - my water child! there may have to be a trip down the Buffalo for us soon! Later on Joe took him out in the big boat to check the catfish jugs - if you look close Levi is fast asleep!
Sean with some of the catch - and one enormous bowfin!

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Nicole said...

That sounds so great. I'm glad Levi did so well in and around the water. Nice life jacket too. :P

btw, there will be no moving allowed!