Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mr. Man

A little update on Levi pants......He's Mr. Active!!!! We went grocery shopping last night. I took Levi in one Buggy while Mama got the goods in another. Levi flirted and gave every gal we passed his best 10 dollar smile....which of course resulted in them making crazy faces and sounds back at him. We had a trail of silliness following us through Publix. Oh yeah, I remember when I was a kid (last year ?) I'd get in trouble for touching everything on the aisles...well, there' two of us now who think that's pretty cool.
Other things....our new favorite game is to sit on the floor facing each other and roll the baseball back and forth. Most times when he throws it it comes my way...sometimes it sails off in random directions and hits innocent objects like Mama, Dachsunds, and plants. He's also a kisser these days. Those nice, sweet kisses of the wet and slimy kind, but hey! Nothing like your little one sitting up and kissing you on the cheek first thing in the morning.

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