Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bookshelves anyone?

Update: so, apparently I've got the micro mini set of encyclopedias, and just taking a look at the tiny shelf they would make is laughable.... Oh, well. Guess they're off to the paper recycling bin.

When we moved into this house I found a set of encyclopedias in the top of one of the upstairs closets. I love to get rid of anything we're not using & so, I boxed 'em up & took 'em over to the Goodwill- only to be promptly turned around, as they DO NOT take encyclopedias (the guy was telling me this before I'd even stepped out of the truck). So, what the hell do you do with these things if you refuse to toss 'em in the trash?? I was trying to figure out if they'd go in with the paper recycling, when I stumbled across another idea: bookshelves. As in on-line instructions on how to make your very own encyclopedia bookshelf. Cheesy yes - though functional. I might have a go at it, as I've been looking for some shallow bookshelves to put in Levi's room to spread out his toys. I'll let you know how it goes... Here are some of the online pics I found:

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