Friday, December 5, 2008

hanging ornaments on the tree, last weekend in Wildwood

a little jinglebell action

Okay, this was ridiculous = we went thru a Taco Bell Sunday on our way home (which by the way, was a hellacious 10+ hour drive, battling 'holiday travelers' gridlock from Atlanta to Macon). Along with the 3 tacos, 3 burritos, & 1 mex pizza we ordered we asked for 'a couple' hot sauces. We got 41! We would have needed to put almost 6 packs on each item we ordered to use them all! Some Taco Bell executive would go ballistic!

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Nicole said...

ugh, 10 hours yuck!

that is a lot of hot sauce. I never understand that, like when I go to wendy's and order a 5 pack of nuggets they routinely give me at least two sweet and sour sauces. I mean really, two? for 5 nuggets? Wasteful.