Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice * Snowflakes

I haven't made these in ages.

I was inspired by Levi's Montessori instructor, Ms. Amanda, who made several for his classroom from white coffee filters - which I thought was so clever.
Mine are just plain office paper.

I giggled at the end, as my snowflakes were awful 'foldy-looking,' and I gave them a good iron (my Granma would be proud).

I wanted to put a few last decorations up before my Christmas company show's up. It looks magical in the house now.

Tomorrow (well actually, it's almost midnight now) is the WINTER SOLSTICE.

I've just gotten my rec pass for Fort Stewart, and so tomorrow Joe, Levi, & I are going to celebrate by doing a canoe trip on the Canoochee.

From our deepest depths of winter: Happy Solstice!

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