Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay, so this is totally random, but since we got behind this truck a couple weeks ago in north Florida (visiting Joe's folks for the weekend) I've found my thoughts meandering back to the experience.
This is a semi full of carrots. We got behind it pulling outta the field. And literally if we had stopped and picked up every carrot that came flyin' out onto the road we'd be set for carrots for months - maybe the next year. Especially when this mother went barrelin' around the curves - he was haulin' ass & carrots were flying.
The scope of agriculture in this area is beyond anything I ever encountered growing up in north Georgia (or during my 20's in Athens for that matter). I'm sure if you grew up in say... Iowa, it wouldn't be that impressive - but for me, the vastness of the area's conventional row cropping & the amount of energy and effort to make it all work gets me thinking.

As an aside: this is only a drop in the bucket as far the number of carrots pulled from these fields. I've heard the Burnam's say during harvest time a semi will pass the house every 5 or 10 minutes. Can you imagine what you could pick up on the roadside then?

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