Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

We're so behind in our postings! We had guests the weekend before last & then we were gone for 3-days this last weekend (to Cairo, Ga & Jennings, Fl). We'll be in Atlanta this coming weekend for my sister Beth's graduation & then to Athens the following weekend to get our house there ready to sell.
Keeping busy during the week - I'm attempting to put some veggies out in our really much too shady backyard. There are a few sunny spots - not many.
Levi's doing great with the potty training - we are diaper free when at home - though I still put a diaper on him for sleeping. I remember reading this somewhere & I agree: potty training is one of the most thankless jobs of parenting! Though how wonderful when it all 'clicks' & you've got a little one making progress!
We're using the same Mother-ease cloth diapers we've had from the beginning - they've held up, but are showing their age - I bought most of them used (on two previous children). I figured out that I've spent $14.80 per month on cloth diapering since Levi's birth - pretty great I think & NO trash produced at all. I'm down to washing two small loads per week.
We've got dinner plans out tonight with an old friend of Joe's for Cinco de Mayo. I'm counting on some margarita specials!

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angelina said...

we had tacos, who hoo!