Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charles Samuel Neely Etheridge

Carrie had her baby - a boy! I'm an aunt for the first time & Levi has his very first first-cousin. Sam was born at 10:10am on Monday the 12th. He was 8lbs14ozs. They had not found out the sex & so it was a great surprise (especially since we all thought it would be a girl).
Congrats Greg and Carrie!
Because Sam was breech the planned homebirth was not possible. I know the feeling - having been transferred to the hospital while attempting to have Levi at home. It's frustrating to be transferred after so much time & effort spent preparing for a homebirth. I am still a homebirth advocate & wish this option were more widely available to women in Georgia. Carrie & Sam are both well and eager to come home tomorrow.
Here's Levi checking out his new cousin. I can't wait until they can really play together. Tree climbing, rock-throwing, fishing buddies.

What else would a new grandmother (Cookie) be doing. Taking pics with her cell phone:

Proud Pap:

Nursing well:

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Nicole said...

What a beautiful baby boy! (Not to mention a great name :P)