Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where I'm at

We spent Saturday-Monday in Athens putting a new metal roof on the house there - actually, I had very little to do with the "roof putting on", and a great deal of the wrangling Levi and running for last minute supplies & lunch for the roofers. I also got to spend a good amount of time nibbling on new baby toes! = lovin' on my new nephew Sam :)
All in all it was a whirlwind 3-day weekend, and I kept things slow & easy back at home on Tuesday just trying to regain myself. I'm feeling a bit disoriented even today & have checked the calender a dozen times trying to solidify the day & date in my mind = I can't seem to grasp whether it is Wed or Thurs.
Joe killed a really nice buck yesterday evening & the night was spent fireside with him while he field dressed and took all the cuts of meat. It's getting cooler here & I'm lovin' the 60-70's temps for the day. Have finally started on the laying out of garden beds. I spent most of today working outside & noting the sun's position to put the beds in the best full sun spot.

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