Friday, October 30, 2009

A weekend alone!

It's 5:30pm here on Friday. Joe and Levi have just driven away for the weekend. So, considering I'll gain an hour tomorrow night when time changes, I'm guessing I've got about the next 48 + 1 hours free to do whatever in my deliciously quiet house.
My plans? Finish painting the bathroom. Empty a zillion pics from the camera (if Joe didn't take it with him) & put some new shots on the blog. Finish some pillows for the front porch futon. And maybe work on the bedroom curtain project.
Oh, and SLEEP!! Sleep, sleep, sleep as late as I want for two beautiful mornings. My 10am waking-child has slowly been getting up earlier and earlier. I'm lucky these days if we're in bed till 8am. I'm hoping the curtains (which I'm heavily lining) will help with that - as Levi is pretty much up the minute it starts to get light outside.

Happy Halloween!!!

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JC said...

Yay for alone time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!