Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blue Skies

I have to say, after being near Savannah now for a year & a half - I realize this is my favorite time of the year here. I feel like I may have mentioned that before - it's just beautiful today & I'm thinking of it again.
For the most part Savannah winters are mild & spring like, but just cold enough to be inhospitable for any biting insects. That's the worst part of warm weather here = terrible mosquitoes from early spring until the killing frost in late fall. And then there's the biting sand gnats - their population surges for a few weeks in early spring & then again in fall.
We're enjoying blue skies today with temps near 70. I've got all the windows open. It's wonderful how nice weather can lift your mood - the 3 days worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen aren't worrying me at all... :)

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