Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a slow foods day...

We had a blast last night - the next door neighbors had a party with an outside bonfire, fireworks, & gobs of young couples with small children (the perfect crowd for us right now). Levi spent the entire evening running & playing. I have a great memory of looking up & a whole group of children (Levi included) are running with their sparklers. We had a blue moon to light the night & exceptionally warm weather - folks in flipflops & sandals. Levi made it to midnight & we all walked home happy & ready for some soft music & bed.

Today it is turning off cold & raining. A perfect day to nurse that little hammer in my head & sip coffee. Joe has decided its a slow foods day, treating us to a pot of blackeyed peas simmering on the stovetop, a venison shoulder roasting in redwine, & a mess of greens just put on. I'm sewing & Levi is busy with his artwork.

Happy New Year!!!

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