Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching up...

I lose all track of time - too long since I've been here. Finally getting back into a schedule after all the traveling & festivities around the holidays. Some pics from all the happenings...

Learning to knit - this is my first project - a wool diaper cover. Levi still wears cloth diapers at night - he's been testing this one out the last few nights.

Joe & Levi having 'man-time' = knapping arrowheads & keeping their fire tended.

Levi came to get me to show me the "H" he'd made back in the bedroom. Very cool. He's learning his alphabet & this is a first.

I've just opened an Etsy online shop & have been in a sewing frenzy getting things made to list. This is my first item - a child's hat.

Joe is making his own arrows these days - This southeastern style Indian arrow is made from local switch cane, fletched with feathers from a turkey he killed, an arrowhead he knapped, & the sinew tying it all together is from a deer he killed this fall. Taking bow hunting to a whole 'nother level.

A book we've checked out from the library right now that's inspiring me. Beautiful pictures. Lovely artwork. Red Sings from the Treetops, a year in color. By Joyce Sidman.

Visiting in Athens this past weekend. My sister Carrie turned 30th!! Joe & Levi stayed home & gave me a nice treat - a weekend by myself with my family (Mom, Dad, & Sarah came too) in Athens. Also, got to go to Rubber Soul, my most favorite yoga studio ever. A spiritual place for me.

My burly Man. Looking very sexy.

Playing around with local materials. Basket making. Still working on this one - it's taking on a bowl shape. This is marsh grass & wild grape vines.

New Years Eve. Levi taking his first candle lit shower.

Joe. Flint knapping.

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JC said...

Aren't you crafy!?! I haven't tried knitting yet, but I love to crochet. Good luck with your etsy shop!