Friday, February 5, 2010

Bamboo Gardens

Levi & I have been making regular trips over to the Bamboo Gardens - it's just a few miles from the house & gives us lots of wide open space to explore - it's a 50acre education/experimental center managed thru UGA Cooperative Extension

We always walk over to the pond to feed the catfish

wondering thru the bamboo groves - there's a whole section, laid out grid-wise, planted in different species of bamboo - it's interesting to read the uses, notice the color, and growing habits for each species

the giant grey bamboo is one of my favorites (signage above) - really tall & dense, if you can't make out the words: it was brought to Savannah in 1927, original from China, and is used as handles of farm implements, long handle for bamboo topping knife (whatever that is?), support for bamboo wares, edible shoots and ornamental plantings

black bamboo

typical green

and this one's cool - all the mature plants are yellow & splotchy


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