Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colors of Winter : A Weekend in Cairo, Ga

winter time in Grady County, Joe's natal land = a visit to Papa Bill's home & to the 150-acre family farm, which holds so many dear memories for Joe

the first jonquils

flowering quince

camellia bud

male catkins from loblolly pines - I love the spectrum of purples - and the way the fresh catkin can be twisted without breaking, I carried around some all weekend just enjoying the feel of the glossy outside

a walk down Hinson road, Papa's road - still dirt

the large pond at the farm

groves of pecan abound in the county

Papa is a serious feeder of birds - filling the feeders both morning & night - he bakes a cake every other day to supplement his offering of milo, millet, thistle, and sunflower seeds - his kitchen windows (which have been fitted with one-way glass = to enable movement within the kitchen without disturbing the birds) look out into a mass of different types of feeding stations - I got these closeup pics of sparrows feeding at a tray right next to the one-way glass

Sofkee Creek - on the farm - the water that trickles thru Joe's spring-time dreams

a field above Sofkee Creek were Papa plants a wildlife plot each year - the lush green is oats grazed down by deer & turkey - Joe spent many evenings as a young child sitting in a water-oak with Papa looking over this field

feeding catfish at the farm

24-year old pines - this was a corn field when Joe was a kid - pretty nice open stand, clean understory - the black on the base of trees is from periodic prescribed fire which keep out encroaching hardwoods & encourages native understory plants & grasses - YAY FIRE!!!

swamp chestnut oak leaf

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