Thursday, February 25, 2010

Plants & Memories

I love plants & during the winter months when many of my outdoor plants are snug inside I'm reminded of their origins - many gifts or pass-alongs from friends - each holding memories for me

this is a 'pregnant onion' - given to me by my 11th (or was it 12th?) grade physics teacher, Ms. Royal - I lost the original plant, but had passed along some to Deanna, so it came back to me again this past summer!

African violet that blooms purple - from Pauline Wright, a woman from my church growing up, given to me during my high school years - have had it now 15 or 16 years!

a lovely from Deanna - believe it is a pass-along to her from her Grandmother

aloe, from a flea-market in Athens

when Mike & Teddi moved to New Mexico I inherited this shamrock

a peace lily from Nana Mott's funeral

a 'walking iris' - I got just a tiny clump of this from Gertrude in Athens - it's done so well here in Savannah, spreading into a beautiful plant - Nana Mott used to have a hanging pot of this on her back porch

a graduation gift (my college grad in 2004) from Brent & Laura - a jade, one of my favorites!

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Bonnie said...

Mrs. Royal was 12th grade. Your plants are so pretty. I know that grandma and Honey are glad you inherited the "green thumb" gene.