Monday, May 17, 2010

Around the yard

kousha squash | seeds from the annual Old Timey Seed Swap in Athens, Ga | I'd never heard of this type before - fresh like a zucchini but will store like a winter squash | 6 plants & they've started running & setting fruit

the seed pack says prairie coreopsis, 24 inches tall | I started these last year & only had one plant survive to incorporate in my flower ring at the new house | I was beginning to think I'd been nurturing the wrong plant when, in a matter of weeks, this thing went from a foot tall to five feet | but finally it set flowers & they're 'right'

echinacea about to bloom | happy plant: over 20 blooms showing

anybody know what this is? Gertrude gave it to me & I can't remember | it's 3+ feet tall & covered in these light purple flowers

Wyoming Canna from Old House Gardens | a birthday gift from Joe & Levi | their description: Christopher Lloyd, the beloved guru of English gardening, ranked this as one of his all-time favorite cannas. With rich, dark bronze foliage and flowers of sunset-orange that he described as “bright yet by no means aggressive,” it turns 103 this spring! 3-5 feet, from Oklahoma.

Basil - my all time favorite summer herb | this year I WILL have enough to satisfy all cravings (and for many batches of homemade pesto to see me thru the winter) | I have planted dozens


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Okay, took some time & I think I found it. Cool that it is edible - will try it tomorrow...

Anise Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum
Anise Hyssop has tightly packed spikes of small, purple flowers that bloom throughout the summer. The tall plant retains its color late into the summer and attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Its leaves are edible, useful in teas and salads.

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