Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunset Memory

We walk most evenings as a family around the neighborhood. Tonight = sunset sky - magnolias blooming, their scent - a new very sweet smell too, mimosas blooming pink. Hidden jasmine. Passing by the Holland's garden, their corn now taller than Levi, the watermelons spreading. Picking up metal cans. Seeing the other neighborhood garden & its resident rabbit. Levi's eyes big as it speeds away cotton tail bouncing.
Returning home at dark to look one last time at our own garden. Joe walks in to prepare Levi's things for bed. I'm holding Levi & we're looking again at the zinnias about to bloom, his zucchinis 'growing up', then in front of the pumpkin arbor a pause & then from silence:

"Mommie I'm proud of you." --pause-- " I like that you take care of me."

And it is all worth it then, all the hard work being a parent, living on one income, staying at home with him, it is all worth those small words spoken out of the blue in the quiet of our garden at dark.


Bonnie said...

How sweet!!!! That makes me cry!

Carrie said...

Someone teach Sam to say that soon! I was having a 'housewife-stay-at-home-mom' depression moment yesterday.

JC said...

Love it!!! Kids are so worth it, aren't they? :)