Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Homemade Sauerkraut & Leaving Town

So a couple months back my favorite magazine THE SUN ran an interview/article on Sandor Katz who is a wild fermentation guru. Check out his website HERE. His real passion is homemade sauerkraut - I was inspired & had to give it a try. The results: beautiful delicious yumminess. The best reubens I've ever eaten. And I've even taken to eating just sauerkraut sandwiches. I pull out the jar for most meals - using it as a condiment for any veggies or venison. Some pics of the process:

I hit the ground running on Monday morn & haven't stopped yet. I'm preparing to be away for most of the next 3 weeks. I'm one of those type-A folks who has to clean the fridge and vaccuum under the couch before I can leave for a long trip. I can't stand to leave (or come home) to a dirty house. Weeding the garden, scrubbing our vehicles, packing the sleeping bags....

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angelina said...

um. has somebody stolen the joe and molly who cleaned the fridge just before grocery shopping?? :))