Friday, June 18, 2010


This summer feels magical - the garden, the heat, the river. I'm loving the heat this year - thriving. The solstice is comin' up on Monday; Father's Day Sunday. We've got a day long paddle planned for Sunday - complete with a wine & cheese picnic. Monday will be outside, fire, spirits, homemade chocolate cake. Our home computer crashed this past week = all gone. So, a little less computer time these days as you might have noticed. My Grandma is back at her home today after days spent in the hospital - I'm so glad you're home! Pics from our week:

The first planting of winter squash is done. Vines cut now & these squash drying in the sun. Second planting coming up.

Levi picking his first zucchini!! Which we ate tonight on homemade pizza.

Big Mama kousha squash. 6 vines = 6 hefty squash.

Waiting on the ice cream man who never drove by - just teased us with his music. Next time...

Loofa vines headed for the barn/garage roof. I saved these seeds from one you grew on Nowhere Road Angie! They were still very viable = almost all germinated.

Levi is beginning to use the camera & actually get some good pics (as opposed to blurs) - here's my favorite one so far: Daddy Joe posing with Levi's new pink flamingo, who is now hanging out in the zucchinis.

Pretending to be Daddy Joe - complete with boonie hat & homemade binos, while eating his shredded wheat. I was sprouting wheat grass this week (for sandwiches) and they got away from me (fermented a bit), so I switched gears, stuck 'em in pots, and now have a few plantings of 'decorative wheatgrass' (insert laughing husband here) around the house.

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angelina said...

haha best post ever! love it all, the summer colours way down in the south. you guys enjoying late night garden life. happy fathers day weekend! save me some seeds, i remember those gourds. dontcha remember, we had like 20 different kinds and mine got all mixed up. love the loofa! love ya'll :)))