Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From Home

Just 2 days left until we leave on our trip - a few recent pics...
Eastern Box Turtle - Richmond Hill WMA

Joe's working on several hickory longbows from a tree he cut on Papa's farm (I want one too!)

Giant cypress along the Altamaha River - nice day in the field

I've been really busy in the kitchen this week making & freezing foods to take on our trip - three batches of blueberry granola bars, black-bean hummus, tuna salad, homemade pita bread, pimento cheese spread, egg salad, regular hummus, summer pasta salad, and two batches of breakfast granola - will be nice in the middle of nowhere to crack open the cooler to some homemade goodies

cutting out the last frames of honey - this is the last time I will do it this way (crushing all the comb) - next year I'm gonna get my hands on an extractor = you just cut off the caps & spin the honey out, and then return drawn comb to the bees = much more efficient

old building in Gordi, Ga near the Altamaha River

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