Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Ouray, CO

Okay, so 42 pictures uploaded & we discover they're chronologically backwards. So if you want to be correct by the calendar, scroll to the bottom and view the whole shooting match in reverse.

Ouray, Colorado (today). We had no idea we'd end up here. But a flat tire and a high country thunderstorm landed us here. I love the randomness of our trips = no itinerary.

The pictures do absolutely no justice. This was the most hair-raising nail-biting road I've ever ridden on - the road between Durango & Ouray. 1500 foot sheer drops from the edge, no guard rails.

After a river bath. Stripping down & diving in.

Excitement! A trout in hand.

San Juan River rainbow.

Coloring in camp.

Three Abbey books accompanied us. Kerouac. The Red Tent. Green Eggs & Ham.

A bad habit we are trying to break = peeing in rivers.


San Juan camp. A waxing crescent moon setting nightly.

San Juan valley. East of Pagosa Springs.

Natural hot springs on the Piedra River. Magical.

Cairn on the trail to the hot springs. Each rock deposited by a traveler, a symbolic lightening of the load.

"Horse poo good for your garden."

Typical mode of transportation.

Piedra River, upstream from camp.

Elk skull.

Exploring what's left of the carcass = mostly fur.

Berries everywhere!! Huckleberries here.

Snacked on wild raspberries all the while.


Camp breakfast = homemade granola, Wildwood blueberries, Athens honey.

T-Bones by the river!!

Stonefly. River rocks. And an arrowhead found in camp.


Winnie Smith said...

looks like an awesome trip! beautiful photos!

Mickymar said...

I thank you so much for sharing your vacation. I really enjoyed your pics and, wow what a beautiful site. Very relaxing and the best part, out in nature enjoying.

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