Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Travels

Most of July has been spent out-of-town for me - and mostly away from any internet connection (as is evident). We're on the road again this weekend - visiting Joe's family in Jennings, Fl. We will leave next Saturday (Aug 7th) for a 2 week road-trip to northern New Mexico/southwestern Colorado. This will be Levi's first trip west (though conceived in Colorado).
We'll mostly be car-camping & plan to visit Taos, NM and Durango, CO. Maybe we'll hit four-corners as well? Joe's starting to talk about the north-rim of the Grand Canyon too - so we'll see - no real agenda - just let the wind blow us around. Our 10-year anniversary is Tuesday, August 10th - hopefully spent in a remote campsite in the NM mountains. Cheers!

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JC said...

Happy trails to you.....