Monday, December 12, 2011

gray monday afternoon sipping hot tea

"Henny Penny and Six Chicks" (still making those chicks) pattern used from Handmade Beginnings:  24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby book.  This will be Indigo's Solstice gift.  Though instead of having the chicks velcro under the mother hen's wings, as instructed in the book, I'm going to tack down the bottom part of each wing to create a pocket so that the chicks can fit in. 

Playing around with courthouse steps mini quilt pattern

Stirfry tonight.  Some goodies to throw in from our winter garden. {Don't know why blogger flipped this pic sideways.} Napoli carrots, basil, the first of the snow peas, & baby kale.  A note here:  it's mid-December & we've yet to have a killing frost - I've got basil, cannas, and bell peppers still hanging on.

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