Saturday, December 10, 2011

what's the haps

Enjoying the 'pear honey' jam Mrs. Devane sent home with us on homemade pecan waffles.  A note to myself when I'm trying to duplicate this next year:  small bits of pear & even smaller bits of orange peel - maybe put it in the chopper for a minute.

After Indigo had a gagging fit in the front yard (having eaten an oak leaf I found the next day...), Levi drew us a 'very serious' picture of instructions.  Above is a detailed interpretation of her digestive tract - he speculated on the whereabouts of the unknown offender.  And gave us explicit directions that she should only be eating bananas and carrots (happy baby above left with bowl of appropriate food).  

Satsumas.  Even sweeter now after a frost.

Smoking a wild hog ham - BBQ in the making.

So many varieties of camillas now in bloom.  Enjoying their beauty & diversity.

Yet another batch of lettuce starts.

Levi has several strings of lights he is randomly moving around the house.  This morning they're running across the livingroom floor.

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