Sunday, April 15, 2012


We had three hatches of eggs that have resulted in 24 chickens.  They are getting big, fast!  The older two hatches have got most of their feathers now - still a few downy spots here & there.  We're starting to be able to tell ladies from gents.

Joe retrofitted a section of the barn into an inside/outside chicken coop.  There's a smaller free-standing coop that we've been cycling groups of chickens into - for fresh grass & bugs.

The kids love tending the chickens - Levi always has one in hand.

inside the barn coop

a group of older chickens in the 'fresh grass' coop - these two ladies in the middle have ruffled feathers around their cheeks, a trait of Araucanas

these are over my shoulder shots - Indi riding in the back carrier - she gets excited!

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