Friday, April 20, 2012

New Arrivals

I went & picked up two 3# packages of bees today {queen included in each}.  They're hanging out in the mud room until tomorrow morning when I'll get a little quiet time to install them.  

I've been working the last few days getting two hives up & ready.  

There's been a succession of beekeepers in Wildwood & a hayloft full of old woodenware to show for it.  I've brought some of it south to start a beeyard here... 

three pounds contain approximately 10,000 bees

each package comes with a tin of sugar syrup that the bees live on during transit

the queen is in there somewhere protected in her own tiny package - part of installing the bees tomorrow will be to place the queen in the hive - the workers will free her by eating away at the candy cork which is at the entrance of her package/cell

Doing a little refresher reading lately

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