Saturday, April 21, 2012

installing a package of bees

the first step is to pry the lid off

underneath is the top of the can of syrup - it completely fills the opening of the box & blocks any bees from escaping - it must be pulled up & out with pliers - also is the little metal tether attached to the queen cell

here's the queen cell & its metal tether - there are a few worker bees clinging to the outside

the queen cell is hung between two frames in the hive - the workers will eat through the candy cork & release her from her cell

this is the FUN part - dumping 10 thousand bees out! - you really just pour them out of the box

with a few good shakes & most of them are out - they are attracted to their queen's phermones - this will be our 'blue' hive

one down & one to go - getting ready to install bees into the 'white' hive

I was tickled Levi wanted in on the action, not every child wants to hang around with bees circling your head

 "Now remember, if you're cool & calm the bees will be too.  Okay?"


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Nicole said...

I'm always so impressed with your beekeeping. I could never be cool and calm. I'm also allergic to the stings so there is that. :) I do so enjoy your honey though.