Sunday, September 2, 2012

Around Here

My evening stroll.  With children tucked in tightly & daylight to spare.
In my silk sundress & a Fat Tire in hand. 

After their summer dormancy, the spider lilies annouce the coming of Fall!
These and tuberoses are my two all-time favorites.

Gentle hands hold a friend.

A driveway stroll.

A fearsome pirate in fresh turned dirt.
Getting ready to sow a winter cover crop mixture of clover & greens. 

The gourd vine that climbed the pecan tree... 50 feet up now & still going.

Elvis & the girls.  3 1/2 dozen a week.  Frittata anyone? 

Ah, this is near & dear to my heart.

This my friends is a variety of pumpkin that has been passed down in my family for the last six generations.  Family oral history places the origin of the variety with the Cherokee Indians who were present in now-day Wildwood prior to their 1838 removal.  There is historical evidence to support this and I've been devoting a good bit of time lately doing family geneology research.

The pumpkin above is part of the last grow-out I am doing to collect seed.  The mature seeds from this grow-out will be sent, along with the pumpkin's story, to the Seed Saver's Exchange in order that it may be preserved for generations to come. 

Purple coneflower I started from seed last summer.
Pumpkins on a low trellis behind.

A couple wily roosters free-ranging.
They'll be in the last batch headed to the freezer.

'Loud-Mouth' the rooster, who spends a good deal of time being pursued by Levi with bow and arrow in hand.  I'm occasionally ambushed by him on my way to the chicken coop.  Though he's perfectly gentle with Indigo.  

Sharing a snack of cracked corn.

In the middle of the hustle to prepare dinner, Indigo stands in the middle of the kitchen & makes the sign for 'book'.  Daddy stops & settles into the library rocker for a story.

Signing 'book'.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. It always has such a calming effect on me. Keep it up.

Beth said...

I second that comment. It's been a busy day around here, but I can get lost in your blog.