Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snow Peas

This being my 4th year living 'below the gnat line' I find that I enjoying fall/winter gardening much more than my summer garden in this part of the world.  

It's the summer's combination of heat, gnats, rampant weeds, and especially MOSQUITOES (and keeping them off small children) that all together makes the fall garden seem luxurious.  

Right now the 80day/60night temps have got us planting.  

Today it was Levi's garden bed. He'd worked by himself over the weekend to prepare this spot & with a little help today we put in about 60 feet of snow peas.

I'm making the holes 6 inches apart, and the seedman comes behind me & drops them in.

He takes this job seriously.

May we create many a garden together Levi, it is a joy to spend this time with you.

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Beth said...

What a beautiful way to spend time together. I'm looking forward to the day when Auntie Beth can help in Levi and "Mother's" garden.