Friday, September 7, 2012

the weekend ahead

Joe's gone for a 4-day-weekend bear hunt.  And after compulsively cleaning for the first 24 hours, I'm ready for a kid fun weekend.  Tonight while tucking Levi into bed I tell him we'll do anything in the whole world he wants to do tomorrow.  First, he asks me to take him to Wildwood.  Okay, so anything around here.

His list:

Dig a big fire pit.

Take Indi on a nature walk.

Build a fire.

"Anything else?  Anything in the world."

There's a pause, and then:

Can tomatoes!

"Goofy kid, you wanna can tomatoes!?"  

Apparently he likes slipping tomato skins - a job we gave him during our 145-pound tomato canning weekend extravaganza.

No garden tomatoes are to be had right now, but I suppose with my morning coffee tomorrow I'm going to be digging a big hole...

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