Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK day Joe & Levi at home

My "Owl"standing Leader for the month of November for his kindergarten class.
He received his award this past Friday.
Levi & Papa

Levi & Mrs. Ross

daydreaming under the camellias
and utterly thriving in the sunny 70s
winters are my favorite here

watching bees & airplanes drift by

these are my absolute favorite
lemony lovely white luscious
the bees think so too

I suspect these bees came from the $200 worth of bees I had fly away last spring...

yes, yes, the first of the azaleas teasing us

Made from flint found in the
Little River northeast of here (a very rare find).
Joe knapped this point & will be using it for a future hunt.
Notice the knappers buckskin leggings in use :)

I couldn't wait a moment longer.
All I can think of is homegrown homemade KRAUT!

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