Saturday, February 9, 2013

A guided tour in the hour before dinner

During a recent gray afternoon I suggest a change of scenery
(and activities)
in attempt to avoid the meltdown hour.

My companion agrees & brings her carrot along.

Our guide meets us
(with his gear in good order)
and agrees to show us around the place.

He suggests our first stop:
the down pine tree which always yields something interesting.
A quick dig under rotting bark produces a quartet of Tenebrionidae beetles
in a state similar to hibernation.

Indigo inspects the goods.

A dried grass of note.

Further down the hillside the pears are found
to be in bloom.

My guide temporarily abandons his duties (and gear) when he spies
a likely-looking climbing tree.

And promptly shimmies up it.

Next, some exploring below the pond.

A large find below the dam produces enough deer bones
to head back to the house for further inspection.
And we spy Daddy pulling in - time to eat.

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Beth said...

I love this post! A wonderful look into your day!