Friday, February 1, 2013

Around the farm and at work

Papa and Indie at the farm.  She thinks he hung the moon.
Burning at work....finishing up at the end of the day.
At the farm
 I took the kids to a seed swap at a state park near Dothan, Al when Molly was out of town.  It also had a historical coastal plain homestead with animals, etc.  The kids are looking through the cracks at a calf.

New equipment for work.  We use it on the fireline, but will especially be using it to treat invasive species....especially Japanese climbing fern....throughout the lands we manage and are trying to restore.
Burning around some trees with new cavity inserts I put in this fall.  This is a longleaf stand that was too dense for RCWs but it was thinned this summer.  After the thin, when the basal area became suitable for woodpeckers, I put in a new recruitment cluster and had occupants within a few weeks.  Nice to see results from unsuitable habitat to woodpeckers and fire. 

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