Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some pottery the kids and I found today at the farm. It's a great time to search the fields and firebreaks after these heavy rains. My very modest (and very possibly wrong) ID skills categorize the patterned piece as a Deptford Check Stamped, which would date to approximately 300 BC-600 AD. The small rim section I'm holding is also really neat. These came from a finger of high ground with creek drains on each side, and a high bluff above the main creek where we have a small field. We've found projectile points here dating back to the archaic period (up to 10,000 years old). Really cool to see blackened fire scars on some of the pottery, where I assume it lay among the wiregrass as fires burned through over the many centuries after it was discarded.
Close up of checking pattern

Pot rim

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