Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eve's Wings

Gold Medal tomato (swirling red in yellow), basil, and homemade ricotta.

Gold Medal


Cherokee Purple

Watching the Braves with Daddy.

Making cheese.  Two batches of mozzarella, two ricotta, three yogurts, and one chevre made this week.  I brought home 6.5 gallons of raw milk from Wildwood.

Though my garden looks like hell.  Weeds!  The flowers are still rockin.

Seashells from our trip last week.  For Solstice tomorrow the kids & I are going to adorn these on our bodies & home.

Minor Jackknife Clam shells were much sought after at the beach.  Levi organized & bagged & labeled them all before we left:  "28 holl ones"  and "23 brockon ones".

I look for the ones with holes at the end for necklaces.
I think whatever kills them must drill this hole & then eat the muscle - anybody know?

Solstice bouquets - 2 of them will be delivered as surprises!  I love surprises!

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