Sunday, June 2, 2013

In Wildwood

One of the many visits to see 'Penny' - Granddaddy's horse who lives with Dad's goats across the road.  The kids & I have spent hours over here since our arrival in Wildwood.

As much time has been spent in the branch.  Looking at cool rocks, finding aquatic insects, old glass, and other treasures. 

One of Dad's shiitake logs we found downstream - there was a big rain here several weeks ago & a bunch of his logs were washed away.

At the Chattanooga Farmer's market this morning (my Dad & Levi center).  It is huge!
I found marjoram plants! - I've been looking for some for months.

Their nightly time with Granddaddy before bed.

A great find this trip!!  (Thanks David).  RAW MILK for $3 a gallon right at the dairy!  If you look close, you can see the cream line near the top.  Tomorrow I'm doing a batch of yogurt. 

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Nicole said...

we went to the chattanooga market memorial day weekend, it is HUGE and they had the best strawberries there, plus I had a chocolate cayenne popsicle :)