Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last of Wildwood

This is actually a post I started last week in Wildwood & never finished.  We made it home to Cairo for a quick 2-day flip & are now at the beach in St. Augustine.

My first batch of yogurt a complete success.  Why haven't I been doing this all along?  It is so easy & cheap.  Granddaddy had a yogurt maker that keeps it all at the right temperature & has GLASS cups.
75 cents for a quart made at home.  I pay over $3 at the store.

The farrier came on one of our last days.  We all got to check it out.
Indi keeping Penny happy with a little clover.

A little something I started while there.  Not so little really.  It's the largest 'barn star' I've made so far - I paint quilt blocks onto pieces of plywood.  This is a 4x4 square.  I'm making it to go on Graddaddy's shop.  Here it is double primed & sketched out in pencil - which you can just barely see.

Here it is 'roughed out' - the next step is to go back and cut in all the lines PERFECTLY.  And I'll also be adding red around the outer star.  I ran out of time, so it will be an ongoing project next time I'm in town.