Friday, July 11, 2014

Blackwater River trip

We just finished up a three day canoe trip on the Blackwater River.  The headwaters of this river are in the Conecuh National Forest in Alabama, then flows directly into the Blackwater River State Forest in Florida - making it one of the cleanest rivers in the nation.  "Blackwater River State Forest is known for its longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem, which, in combination with the Conecuh National Forest to the north and Eglin Air Force Base to the south, is the largest contiguous ecological community of this type in the world."

Great trip with few other people on the water.  Lots of swimming & fishing.

up top at the put-in

Great pic of Levi!
Notice as we go along the river gets larger - here at the top it is smaller and shallow.  It is a sand bottomed river with tea-colored water.

big sandbars around every bend

A break for a swim and a drink.

A quick shelter made for a passing thunderstorm (thank you Joe) - brought my knitting so passing the time with a few rows.

Bluff along the river with a stand of Longleaf pines.  Levi fishing out of the boat.

My view for most of the trip - Joe ahead with Levi, and Indigo in the front of my boat.  The kids switched some, but mostly stayed this way.  All along the way little feeder streams add to the river - this is toward the end of the trip where the river is much wider and deeper.  My favorite part was the first half - smaller, more intimate, and shallow.

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