Friday, July 18, 2014

the weekend before Joe's 39th birthday

in the garden

a little of each
indigo rose, moonglow, yellow cherry, gold metal, cherokee purple, and dester
plus a few okra

each day we try to have a little 'art time'
for a few days it was 'watercolors'

The Wake of a Beehive
it's dead, collapsed
died while I was in Wildwood
here all the scavenger honeybees arrive and take
we scooted right up close & occasionally got whacked
in the head by a heavily-ladened departing bee
totally non-aggressive
they're just here to steal

helping her set her arrow on her bow
learning a split-finger hold

kept vigil with the corpse till sundown

waiting on the boilin' pot

one gourd plant
the largest I've ever seen
it's roots are in the old compost pile & under the chicken coop
hundreds of feet of vines and many gourds
and it's only July
this thing will grow until the killing freeze in November

mexican sunflowers, zinnias, & 15 pepper plants up front

purple basil
which really no one will eat
except me sometimes
I've found it is a really great filler for cut flower arrangements

lush Anasazi beans

anise hyssop
which I started all from seed
the bees and wasps LOVE LOVE LOVE it
I do too
a bit from it each time I'm near it

rosemary    purple coneflowers


Indigo Rose
nearly black on the top
and orange on the bottom when ripe

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angelina said...

oh, i am so happy to "see" your garden again. in full beauty ! rip bees, i will think of your little soaring spirits today =(