Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June pictures

Still getting grounded after our 3 weeks away.  
Going thru some of the pictures from the last month.

The awards ceremony the last week of school.  Levi got all 'A's all year long!
And just got into the gifted program at school. 

Carrots left to flower - I'm loving the bloom as a cut flower & will continue to plant them for that purpose.  They look just like a queen anne's lace.

In Minnesota - Levi and Cookie.

Uncle Roger & Levi - while in Minnesota - Uncle Roger teaching Levi about propellers.

cozying up

Nature Center - Zoo in Minnesota - with Aunt Bette & Ken in background.

This is an 85-pound ball of twine that my great-grandparents collected at their home in Perry, Iowa.  June & Frank Appenzeller are in the picture above the ball.  This was an amazing museum located just a few miles away from there farm.  Walking through it I recognized many relics that Grandma had at her home.

Sarah, Carrie, Beth - recognize the washtub??

Different types of barb wire used in the area - the kids looked at this awhile.

remember her little rugs?  loom made

what was left of the big red barn on the farm in Perry - sad

bedtime stories with Granddaddy

in the shop

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