Saturday, January 12, 2008

11 on the 11th

Levi turned 11 months old today (actually it's after midnight now, so technically yesterday...), the 11th of January. Aunt Carrie's bday was the 8th - she turned 28. She, I , and Levi went to the sushi bar for lunch to celebrate - he had his first sushi nibbles - rice, tofu, & a sip of miso soup - and more fun than you can image with the chopsticks. I'm sure one day he'll be scarfing down the shiitake rolls with the rest of us!

Carrie & I are 22 months apart, so for just a couple months we'll be 28 and 29, respectively. I'm savoring the last days of my 20s. I've had a hell of a ride - some pretty wild times and adventures that I hope my 30s can live up to.

Joe, Levi, & I are leaving in the morning for a weekend trip to Helen, Ga (just 75 minutes north of us). The Georgia chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is holding its annual convention there over the weekend. We thought we'd hit the show, have some good eats, relax, & take in the town.

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